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Updated: Apr 20

For everything, there is a season (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Not for some things, but everything.

Often times in life, we have desires and wants that very well may be in the will of God, but it just isn't time for it to happen yet. God, in His goodness, knows when we'll be ready, thankful, and mature enough to receive what we've been praying about. He knows the timing. Thank God he does!

Have you ever prayed for something - for days, weeks, months (maybe even years), and you just don't understand why it hasn't happened yet? Well, it could be a few reasons why:

1.) God is saying no - it's not His will for you to have what you're asking for.

2.) God is saying yes- that's His will, but just not right now.

When God answers prayer, we know without a doubt that it is His will - that He is saying yes to whatever you've been asking. But what about when He says wait? Have you ever thought about the fact that His timing is everything?

Life is made up of seasons, literally. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. But our natural, human lives are also made up of seasons. We have seasons of blessings, seasons of drought, seasons of stillness, seasons of depression, etc. As we live the Christian life, walking with Christ, we're going to have different seasons, there's no doubt about it. And we have to remind ourselves of that, because if we don't, we may fail to realize the bigger picture. God wants us to grow, yet at the same time, continue to depend on him for everything. You aren't the same person you were three years ago - and why do you think that is? It's because God brought you through different seasons in life, and each season has its own purpose.

One season may have been teaching you to learn His voice. Another season may have been teaching you about the gentleness of Christ. Another? Maybe God wanted to teach you how to be more responsible with your money, your time, or even relationships. There's a time for everything. God is sovereign and always in control. There's a time for your dream; There's a time for your parenthood; There's a time for your ministry. If the desire you're praying for aligns with God's will for your life - it'll happen, but only in His timing. There is a season for it - but maybe you just haven't seen it yet.

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