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It Rains for a Reason

April showers bring May flowers, we've all heard of this saying. Where it comes from or who made it up, I have no idea, but I know it's true. We get lots of rain in April, and although it seemingly sucks, we need rain for a very good reason: flowers can't bloom without it - that, and of course, sunlight.

It's hard to be thankful for rainy days when they're happening, though. It's cold, grey, and gloomy - and sometimes it just puts us in a bad mood. If you're someone like me, my mood is sometimes affected by the weather. I try not to let the weather have so much control over my emotions but sometimes it's hard. It's tough to wake up in the morning and be cheerful when all you have are clouds of grey. On the contrary, it can also be hard to be sad when you have a sky full of nothing but sunshine. God knows when to send his rain, and he also knows when to send his sunshine.

Flowers need both to grow - and we do too. As hard as it may be to believe, we need hard times to grow. If everything was good all the time, we wouldn't really need to depend on God much, right? Hard times humble us - and that's one of the reasons why he sends rain - he wants us to depend on him. It's in those times of desperate need that we usually come to God the most humbly - on our knees, crying out for help. God sees this, and he honors this. It's okay to not be okay - it offers God a chance to show you who he is and to reveal his power supernaturally. You'll look back one day like whoa, how did I ever make it through that? And the answer is God, it's always God. It's never us or anything that we did - He works through us and in us, but sometimes we don't even recognize it.

If you're going through a rainy season, be encouraged, because seasons change. Hold onto the hope that it won't last forever, and there's a reason for that rain.

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